Marketing Role
Growth Strategies
New Business Development
Selecting, Developing, & Evaluating New Products
Marketing Audits
Logo design & Corporate Identity
Concept Testing

Marketing is the catalyst for turning products, start-ups and small businesses into successful growth companies.

Access to your products and establishing name recognition requires multiple marketing strategies and exposure to multiple channels of distribution simultaneously.

Our primary focus in New Business Development is that of marketing's role as a driver. Our marketing orientation focuses on companies, products and services as Brands. Marketing is Brand Developing.

The acid test of a brand lies in it's ability to influence purchasing behaviors. A new brand paradigm shift is taking place in the market. That shift is from Selling to Buying.

         Our strategies through marketing are two dimensional:

1.) Long Term - To help you apply branding strategies and the branding process to your business using the impact that results from effective and creative Press Releases that establish and build the brand.

2.) Near Future - To develop effective and creative advertising campaign to support the brands position in the market with its target customer.               

The scope of our work gives our customers one place to go to:

Identify target markets and position products to target customers

Develop ideas and concepts and bring them to life.

Get creative names, tag lines, corporate, and branding identities.

Test them prior to launching products.

Launch the products utilizing the sales and distribution channels of the 500 Group, taking advantage of our real expertise.


Truly a one stop shop, with low cost menu driven marketing services!

"Building Strong Brands & Strong Companies"

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