Licensing is an affordable strategy, often overlooked and seldom considered with new products.  Yet for most inventors it's a very practical and savvy way to get the most profit with the least headaches.  A lot of very brilliant inventors are unknowledgeable of the complexities involved in taking a product to market.  For the ones honest enough to admit that, there's licensing.  Licensed Products generated $71.5 billion in sales in the US and Canada. 

The sad news about licensing is that historically, less than 2% of all new products ever get licensed.  Even with our success rate at 8%, 4 times industry averages, it means that for every 100 products we review, we have to tell 92 inventors their product will not get licensed.

Licensing Defined
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Licensing gives you the option to spend the least amount of time and effort with a significant pay back for what you have actually invested in time and money.


The payback comes in the form of royalties. Ostensibly a percentage of the overall gross sales of the item multiplied by the number of units sold.


Depending on your level of knowledge, resources and available time, it may be prudent to use a licensing agency such as The 500 Group to pursue a licensing deal for you.  (800-562-1959)


Using a licensing agent is probably the easiest route, and an expert will prevent you from making costly mistakes.  In addition to alleviating the need for a major capital investment, licensing also removes the decisions, time requirements, and stress that come with starting, operating, and managing a growing company.

Typically royalties range from 3-12% with inventors submitting ideas in a format suitable for presentation.  Suitable for presentation basically means branded.  Minimally a logo, sales sheet, etc...  We have a full suite of branding products if needed, click on the link below to check them out.