Hosting Service







There are plenty of places where it makes sense to cut corners and opt for the least expensive alternative, but where you host your company's E-business should not be one of them.  The difference in price between being hosted in a state of the art facility and on a 10 year old server in some guys basement is minimal.  The difference in the quality of service and performance is vast. 

Many hosting companies today overbook.  They sell disk space and bandwidth that isn't properly allocated hoping that some of their clients won't use what they paid for.  We've partnered with 000Hosting primarily because they don't.  Their servers are never even allocated to capacity.  Still, they are very competitively priced and offer packages to accommodate any size business.  Here's a list of some of the features they offer:

  • Web-based Email Included
  • FTP Access Included
  • Anonymous FTP Accounts Included
  • CGI-BIN Included
  • Real Audio (not streaming) .ram files supported
  • Free CGI Scripts Included
  • ASP Support Included
  • PHP Support Included
  • Server Sides Includes (SSI) Included
  • URCHIN 4.1 Site Statistics Included
  • Frontpage 2002 Extensions Included
  • APACHE Handlers Included
  • File Manager
  • Password Protection for Directories
  • Unique IP address available
  • MySQL databases