gap analysis

This first graph illustrates that growth occurs along the same time line as decay.  The decay of Current Business is slowed or reversed by internal development such as new products or taking new products to new markets. 

The GAP is the difference between Known New Business and Goal and is often the resultant of external development.

GAP analysis is a new business development tool and model to use in planning for the growth of a company, and is used by all the top growth companies.













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*Spend some time thinking inside this box, and you'll see the need to start thinking outside the box.  That's the kind of thinking we'd love to help you with.










This gap can be divided and considered in terms of the following four dimensions:

  • Internal Development

  1. Greater sales productivity from existing businesses.

  2. The introduction of new products/services.

  3. The introduction of new markets or market segments with existing products.

  • External Development

  1. *Diversification into new businesses.

*Diversification should only be considered if sales volumes and/or profit margins are insufficient in matching corporate goals.






















If your strategy with new product development and taking existing products to new markets falls short of your corporate goals, you must fill the gap with external development strategies.


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