frequently asked questions

1)  Do you have anything to do with patents?
No, But surf from our links section and you can easily find someone who does.

2)  Can I submit ideas in concept form?
We usually only work with products that have been developed and are near market ready.  Check out our MarketRedi page if you need help.

3)  What industries do you work in?
Our primary area of influence is consumer products.

4)  What do I need to have completed before we can work with your company?
Our company provides marketing services such as logo's, mock ups for brochures and labels, and other services that help get you closer to marketing and selling your products.

5)  Can you help in sales?
That's our primary expertise.  We sell retailers in almost every class of trade and channel of distribution.

6)  Do I have to have my product patented before we work together?
    It doesn't matter to us one way or the other.  We're not in the business of stealing ideas.  You can protect your ideas however you choose.

7)  What if I only have an idea? Where do I go or who can I contact?
    If you have an idea, the next step would be for you to develop a prototype sample of your product or idea.

8) do you do licensing?
We function primarily as a licensing agency. In that regard we work to develop profitable relationships between licensors and licensees.

      We have in the past played the role of licensor and we certainly have the capacity to be a licensee. However, it is rarely the best option for most of our clients. Our concern is rapid and copious commercialization. To that effect we employ whatever tool is most appropriate.