concept testing

Market research is critical to any new venture

Market research is used by the top fortune 500 companies

Market research is a double edged sword

      A little is incomplete...

                    ...And too much is overwhelming


Concept testing is an extremely important research technique that is simple to do and often overlooked by all but the Top Fortune 500 companies. It checks whether the prospective purchaser and the end user of a new product offering understands the product/services idea. Next, do they feel it answers a need and that they should be willing to purchase it.





Concept testing is a set of procedures in which the potential customers and/or the intermediary's reactions to a product offering bundle before committing substantial resources to the project.

If done properly, here's some of the key benefits;

  • Identifying likely product failures

  • Separating good products from bad

  • Provide suggestions for improvements for end users

  • Generates rough price demand volume curves

We can provide you with professional mock-up marketing materials for you to use in conducting your own testing of ideas. If your selling to retailers you will need...

Mock-up sell sheets


If your selling to end-users pick one of the following...



  Direct Mail Piece


If your selling on the internet select...



Just pick a venue and we'll provide a professional looking mock-up marketing piece for you to test.